Currently, we worship together on Zoom two Sundays a month with Rev. Laura Turnbull.

The services start at 10:00 am. Participants are encouraged to create their own “sanctuary by bringing candles, offerings and, on communion Sundays, bread and wine to make their worship space more meaningful.

On the other two Sundays we have our Licenced Lay Worship Leader (LLWL) prepare and circulate service material with prayers, possible hymns and a short message.

Please contact the Church Secretary if you would like to receive notice of our Zoom services or worship material from the LLWL.

The Sacrament of Communion
I invite you to consider preparing for communion as a spiritual practice.

In setting up in your home, where will you choose to be?
In the dining room perhaps: a place of hospitality. At the kitchen table maybe: a place for family + friends. In the living room perhaps: a place to welcome guests.

In setting the table, what will you choose?
An elegant wine glass from an elderly relative perhaps- something fragile and treasured. A porridge bowl: the staff of life. A tablecloth from Central America, purchased while travelling, or perhaps at 10,000 Villages, a reminder of your connection with the global village.

Similarly, in choosing the elements:
Fancy bread and a rare wine out of respect? Grape juice to honour your grandfather’s temperance vow? Flatbread to remember the Middle Eastern family of Jesus? Please have at hand bread of some sort (white, whole wheat, gluten-free, pita) and the fruit of the vine (grape juice or wine) white or red.

Here is a prayer as you set up:
Heart of all hearts, someone always prepares the table and chooses the elements. Bless my hands as I set out the fruits of the vine and the field. Bless the feet of others as they carry items in their own homes, doing what I am doing. Bless the voices of those who will lead us this Sunday. Bless the memory of those who have set the Communion Table season by season, year by year. Thank you for the people of Trinity United Church and the sacred friendship we share. In the name of Christ who unites us, Amen.
                                         (adapted by Rev. Karen Verveda, from Rev. Catherine MacLean, St. Paul’s UC, Edmonton)