History of the Church:

Methodist work began in the Creston area with the organization of a circuit in 1903 and a congregation, Creston Methodist Church, in 1906. The Circuit included other appointments at Erickson, Canyon City (now Canyon), Lister and Porthill (Idaho). In 1925 the congregation entered the United Church, becoming Trinity United Church. The larger Creston Pastoral Charge included points at Wynndel and Canyon and has been a part of Kootenay Presbytery to the present.

Notable dates:

  • St. Paul’s United Church of Wynndel closed 1965.
  • Eric Beech Library established 1969.
  • Long range planning committee established in 1972.
  • Catalpa Lodge completed, 1975; built where the church stood previously.
  • Subsidized senior housing at Catalpa lodge continues to be supported 1977
  • Canyon United Church of Canyon closed 1981
  • Pie making started sometime in the early 1990’s
  • Wednesday lunches started in January 2001
  • Our Centennial was celebrated in 2006