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Worship for Sunday Sept 20

Worship for this coming Sunday can be found here:  https://revsponderings.wordpress.com/2020/09/17/gods-justice-is-grace/?fbclid=IwAR1C8VKsRv4-83CL3KAZK7by0q-O1VEnxoKzPna5qPUhpnesn-_u5dXVu This week we learn about God’s justice, and how it suspiciously looks like grace.  Let me know your thoughts! What parts of the lessons from the past three weeks have … Continue reading

Forgiveness MT 18

Ready for the next scripture lesson?  Click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbOXE8_DVlo Following on the previous week’s lessons on reconciliation and conflict, this week Jesus wants us to ponder forgiveness.  Enjoy, ponder and let me know your thoughts. Blessings for all:  FORGIVENESS … Continue reading

Safety Plan Update

Here is the long-awaited safety plan for Trinity United Creston, though still in draft form as it has not yet been approved by Council.

This has been in the works since the end of July when I returned to work from medical leave and was compiled referencing the completed plans for other congregations across the country, the BC CDC, health authority, regional and national church health directives.

Note that although the province is currently in stage 3 of COVID recovery, The United Church of Canada is in phase one given the nature of what we do together as well as the age and vulnerability of our constituency.

The safety plan working team was composed of Anjanee Gyan-Dyck (Council Chair & Worship committee), Joan Fahselt (worship chair) and myself, Rev. Paula (clergy).   Here is the path the plan has taken so far:

    • Aug 7  – almost final draft reviewed by safety plan team
    • Aug 7 – edits made and resent to the safety plan team for the ok to go to council for the Aug 13 council meeting
    • Aug 19 – no changes, resent to safety plan team
    • Aug 21 – no changes, resent to safety plan team
    • Aug 24 – ok received from safety plan team to send to the council for approval; sent out that day
    • Aug 24 – one change requested
    • Aug 26 – change agreed upon, revised draft resent to council
    • Aug 30 – reminder resent to council

As of today’s date, August 31, a “yes” vote has been received from most of the council members; still waiting for a response from Trustees, Property, and UCW

Regretfully, we no longer have time to put an in-person worship service together for this coming Sunday, Sept 6, as planned.  We will have the in-person communion service as soon as we can after the council has approved the safety plan.

Meanwhile, here is the draft if anyone else would like to review it before implementation.