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this was emailed to the congregation on Oct 23rd

Trinity United Church


October 20th, 2020

Dear Trinity Congregation:

As we still navigate our way through this COVID pandemic, each day seems to bring one significant event or another. As a church congregation, it is hopeful that we find meaning and inspiration to fill our daily lives.

This Letter to you reports on our Council meeting on October 14, 2020.

Anne Jackson reported that the Restorative Care reimbursement to the church from Rev. Paula’s Health Plan will be initiated to CEWS by the end of October, 2020. Financially, right now, Trinity seems to be on stable ground.

Karen Shannon noted in her Income Statement that the month of September 30, 2020, the Trinity Treasures had a net profit of

$5, 599.95. On behalf of Trinity United Church, we gratefully thank Karen and her staff for their hard work and commitment in their success.

According to Linda Price, the Outreach committee had their first hot lunch. Their Wednesday’s bag lunch continues being distributed in from of the church.

Joan Fahselt reported on the Worship committee and the Licensed Lay Worship Leader’s schedule from October until December. Church services will continue every Sunday from October 25, 2020 until November 29, 2020 on line. I am hoping that in December and following the Safety Plan, we will have church services in the church hall.

Trinity Council is very pleased to say that we have signed a contract for the six-month and half time Supply that was advertised.

Rev. Laura J. Turnbull will be with us from January 2021 to June 2021. She lives in Penticton, BC. We are hoping to sign up for ZOOM for our church so that some times and in bad winter travelling, some of our services will be by ZOOM. We are also hoping that she will conduct a service in December, 2020.

The Lay Leaders will also be providing services in December.

In November, we will begin organizing for December services and the required Safety Plans. You will be notified on the procedures for attending the services and a notice will be on the church door.

On Sunday, October 18, 2020, I attended the Creston Concert Series performance by John McLachlin. He accompanied his singing with slides and videos from his childhood, youth, teenager, and adulthood of his vacations on The Spit of Hornby Island. His presentations were very nostalgic and meaningful and showed how fast life goes by. His photos of The Spit showed the ocean waves pounding on the stony shores.

As they erode and smooth the sharp rocks, it reminded me of the hate, anger, revengeful, pretentious and awful behaviours we humans also have to erode. Walking on a beach, our eyes often spot the smoothest and prettiest stones. These, first get cleaned by the waves, then smooth and shiny by erosion. Similarly, we are transformed by first our heart being cleaned by prayer, second, healed by the Spirit, and third, becoming whole by practising being in God’s Presence. This is the cleanser that purifies our body, mind and thoughts and the true path of becoming an active servant of God.

Our next council meeting is on November 17, at 3:00pm. This time change as well as the one held at 3:00pm on October 14, 2020, is to facilitate Kathy Davies of Pacific Mountain Region to oversee our Council Meeting. Without a Minister, we would be unable to conduct our meeting.

Keep well and always in the Divine’s Presence.

Remember that “Thoughtfulness is the doorway to the sunlight of wisdom…” a gyaana (bit of wisdom).

Anjanee Gyan-Dyck, LLWL


Trinity Executive Council

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