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Re-entry to Gathered Worship in Buildings

As many of us consider re-entering our church buildings for in-person worship, Rev. Diane J. Strickland offers a two-part video on “Making Faithful Decisions on Re-entry.” How are we going to make decisions about re-entering that are faithful in every respect? These decisions need to be pastoral, conform to regulations, and be trauma informed.

Part 1 of this video addresses the questions: How do we change our assumptions and why? And how do we deepen individual and collective awareness that will allow us to move forward faithfully with grace? In Part 2, Rev. Diane J. Strickland discusses the role of leaders in carrying forward a trauma-informed approach to the re-entry decision-making and implementation process in order to bring along as many people as possible. How can we work together with individuals and the collective community of faith to find the right angle of approach for re-entering in-person worship together?

For more information, also see Reopening Churches during COVID-19.


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