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Trinity United Church

August 18, 2020

Pastoral Letter to Congregation

This Pastoral Letter provides you with information from our Executive Council Zoom Meeting on August 13, 2020. It was overseen by Kathy Davies, Regional  Minister, UCC. The meeting covered the Thrift Store Report, Pastoral Relations, Looking Forward, the Sec/Treasurer’s appointment, and New Business.

Anne Jackson accepted the appointment of Secretary/ Treasurer and responsible for all financial transactions until the next AGM.

  1. Trinity Treasures, under the management of Karen Shannon, gave the income statement for July. After the gross of $1020.93 and the usual expenses, the net profit was $8 497.18. We immensely thank Karen and her amazing team for working so successfully together. As you may know, this earning helps to subsidize Trinity United Church.
  1. Our Pastoral Relations with Rev. Paula will terminate with Rev. Paula on December 31, 2020. Council requested Rev. Paula to stay on for the Christmas month and she was willing to do so.
  1. In view of the future of our church, Kathy Davies advised Executive Council that we are in a good financial position to hire a half-time Supply for six months. Kathy suggested that a Search team be organized ASAP. They will meet with Kathy by ZOOM on Wednesday Aug. 19, 2020.
  1. Council accepted Rev. Paula’s Study Leave from Oct. 4-24, 2020 and her vacation leave from Oct. 25-Nov. 28, 2020.
  1. For those of you who are interested, Rev. Paula’s Continuing Education involves two courses: one on Meditation from the Buddhist Center in Creston. Meditation falls in line with the practice of Jesus when he would leave his disciples to “pray” alone. Christianity does not provide a step-by-step instruction as Hinduism and Buddhism do but Jesus modelled the practice of meditation in his practical life. Rev. Paula’s other Continuing Education Course is on Bee-Keeping. What an incredible way to study spirituality in the way bees work together to produce such sweet honey. A very practical example for us.
  1. In New Business, Council accepted Lorraine Doeleman’s request to pay her Licensed Lay Worship Leader’s course at the cost of $45.00. Council agreed to hang three plates and a beaded picture in the church.
  1. All agreed that I continue as Chair until the next AGM.

May the Sunshine of God’s Light fill each of you.

Stay safe, healthy and share God’s Love like crazy,

Anjanee, LLWL

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