COVID and Safety Plan

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All employers in the province of BC are required to have a safety plan in place before staff or volunteers can enter or work in the building.  Anjanee, Joan and I (and possibly Denis) are working together to create the congregations reopening safety plan.  This is a very important first step towards allowing staff and volunteers back into the church for all sorts of gatherings.  Together, we form a team representing both worship and executive to complete the safety plan.  Worksafe BC provides a handy template to use, and the regional and national church offices have provided a wealth of other information which goes above and beyond the Worksafe BC requirements.

Given that the people in many United Church congregations are among the most vulnerable to COVID infections, these requirements help us all to honour our duty of care to one another, and to ensure that above all else, we do no unintentional harm.

When the plan is complete, it will go to Council for approval and will be posted publicly at the church as well as on the congregations facebook and website pages.  (If you have not already done so, please LIKE or FOLLOW the facebook page and website for more updates and inspirational messages. ) Copies of the completed safety plan will be distributed by email and available in paper form at the church as well.

The Centre for Disease Control has provided these guidelines for faith communitiesGuidance_Faith_Based_JULY_17 (1)
An American faith based group has also put together a document of guidelines which is compatible with BC Health Authority directives, Resuming Care-filled Worship and Sacramental Life (1)


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