Remit Results

Voting Results for Remits 1 thru 4

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Remit 1: Three Council Model

Presbyteries: Yes: 74 No: 7 Pastoral charges: Yes: 1,672 No: 222


Remit 2: Elimination of Transfer and Settlement

Presbyteries: Yes: 74 No: 7 Pastoral charges: Yes: 1,792 No: 89


Remit 3: Office of Vocation

Presbyteries: Yes: 69 No: 12 Pastoral charges: Yes: 1,681 No: 190


Remit 4: Funding a New Model

Presbyteries: Yes: 70 No: 12 Pastoral charges: Yes: 1,472 No: 398



We have recently heard that Remits 1-4 have received majority approval from the pastoral charges and Presbyteries across the church. Technically, the final approval of the changes in the Remits does not happen until the General Council next meets in the summer of 2018. That General Council has the right NOT to approve those changes… but this is highly unlikely, especially in light of the very broad acceptance of the changes by the congregations and Presbyteries.

So, we are now anticipating that those changes will be approved in the summer of 2018 and will come into effect January 1, 2019.

We now need to begin planning for those changes in earnest. Knowing the changes were likely, and recognizing the need for change whether the remits were accepted or not, over the last couple of years BC Conference has put itself in a good position to reshape its life together. While many important decisions still need to happen that we have little power over, we now know enough that we can prepare well for the future.

In particular, Remit 1 (Three Council Model) will need immediate attention. No longer will there be ten Presbyteries and a Conference; in 2019 we will basically have combined both of those courts into a Region. We will need to focus attention in two major areas: (1) how can the responsibilities of those two courts be combined, managed and financed; and (2) how might we define and support the gathering and work of more local groups of congregations and leadership, probably as Clusters?

We have already made significant progress in both of these conversations but the time has arrived to start putting clear plans in place.

We will also want to begin talking more about Networks, what they look like, what role they might play, and how they might be supported.

Changes in how the church is funded, approved in Remit 4, will also need a lot of serious attention in the very near future. Good, sustainable funding has been an achieved goal in BC Conference. Whatever structures are in place in 2019 will also need to have clear, sustainable funding in order to do its work well.

This summer we will be considering how best to proceed with all of this important work. Your ideas are welcome!

We have the opportunity to reshape this work together. While the whole church across the country will be involved, this is not the time to simply sit back and wait to see what happens. We can influence broader decisions; we can make our own regional decisions; we can be proactive about the emerging church and its organizational life.

– Doug Goodwin, Executive Secretary, BC Conference

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