June 11 Experiencing God

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118: 24

  • How has your experience of God changed over the years?
  • How have these changes affected the way you live in the world, and how you engage in holistic stewardship?*
  • What is the ‘nature’ of the God you experience?

I have come to believe that, whether we acknowledge it or not, we all function with one of two images of God: the God of life who accompanies us or an omnipotent God who determines everything.  Soelle, 2001, p.11

Holistic Stewardship


There are four components to a congregation’s stewardship plan: 1) Congregational 2) Mission and Service     3) Legacy Giving  and 4) Whole Life.  See http://www.stewardshiptoolkit.ca/home  for resources and information.

1)     Congregational Stewardship:  one person, working collaboratively with the Board and the Minister engages as and when needed to help folks understand how their offerings are used within the church.  Leadership on developing a narrative budget would be within their scope of work, as well as ensuring the congregation knows how well we are doing in meeting our financial goals and promoting good stewardship practices which are the faithful application of our time, talent and treasure.  Education resources are available to help with this. (Stewardship has changed a lot over the years, for example, we no longer do household visits to request pledges.)

2)     Mission and Service Stewardship: Janelle Park is our Mission and Service Fund steward and shares information on how the M&S fund works, mission snippets of the fund in action, and helps shape the budget goal and any special fund raising events for this fund.

3)     Legacy Giving: Through a variety of opportunities, this portfolio educates, informs and promotes ways of ensuring the United Church is here for generations to come.

4)     Whole Life: Stewardship is about more than money.  Our faith calls us to be stewards of all that God has provided, and this portfolio offers an opportunity to educate and inform on how to live our lives with respect in creation.

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