June 4 – What is faith?

This is the suggested process for personal work with each faith question:

  1. Take your time. Set aside half an hour or more for uninterrupted reflection time.
  2. Create Sacred Space. Find a quiet and comfortable place for your reflection time.  Create a ritual, perhaps lighting a candle or ringing a bell.
  3. Sit quietly, and ask God to help you be open to the presence of the sacred in and around you.
  4. Respond. Write the faith question in your journal, and allow the question to fill you.  As you become aware of words or images, write or draw them in your journal.
  5. Reflect and explore the feelings you are experiencing. Which feelings elicit the strongest emotions? Which do you want to explore further? Which ones do you prefer to set aside?
  6. Pray to close this reflection time, and offer a prayer of gratitude: For what has been, thank you O God. For what is, thank you O God.  For what will be, thank you O God. Amen

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