Spring Presbytery Report

written by Anjanee in consultation with Rev. Paula

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Kootenay Presbytery Spring Gathering
 March 31-April 2, 2017
TRAIL UNITED CHURCH Communities of Faith Pastoral Charge
Lay Rep: Dr. Anjanee Gyan-Dyck

April 6, 2017


It was a pleasant afternoon when Rev. Paula and I arrived in Trail on March 31, 2017. As it was early, we registered and collected our used name tags and visited with most people who had also begun to gather. After a nice supper, we gathered in the church for Song and Worship followed by Communion. At 7:00pm, Rev. Doug Goodwin, Executive Secretary for BC Conference began his presentation/workshop on “Discerning God’s Mission.” It continued until 8:30pm and concluded with the Evening Blessing.

Rev. Goodwin defined his theme of  “Discerning God’s Mission” as “hearing God’s clear voice to all of our conversation together and speaking the song from our heart.” Our mission is the songs in our heart. He asked: “What is your song?” Is it:


Sharing? Love for others?


Going within?…. Meditation?

What Christian thoughts help us to understand change?

Church is like a midwife to help.

The Inclusion of other people.

As we move into the future what strengths do we see in our church as a “Community of Faith” and in Presbytery?



commitment     brokenness   celebration in song

importance of the local church     despair    emotionally spiritually



What fears/anxieties do we have?      What concerns? Are we fractured?

Do we become an island?  Autonomy of the local church,

Independence?  Fear of the unknown; matter of trust.

What does the new paradigm look like? The voice of Truth from 1929 will be lost.

Do we fear what is going on? We need to stay on course. Face the fears and not wallow in it. Go to the foot of the cross. What do we see there? What song do we hear in our heart to guide us?


We go forward, come together to do mission, help others. work together, serve, supporting other missions, our obligation to doing our duty, empower others, what is our sense of identity as the United Church of Canada, we need to challenge each other.




Discernment of Mission

What will happen if we do not have a Presbytery?


Will we have it? Is there a need for it?

Burdens of a small church,


As a Community of Presbyters

— We aren’t going to save money

— Bit of ambiguity

— Losing in an formal way

— Not creating the change we mean

— We become lean, agile, to become more flexible is good

— money from congregation will go to LLWL


Next day— Saturday April 1, 2017


At promptly 8:45 am on Saturday everyone gathered in song and morning worship. The official meeting was called to order at 9:15am. A general motion for the approval of the agenda, minutes, PVT minutes, voting members, and those needing to leave early was carried.


We paused for a brief demonstration to support refugees and immigration when we noticed that a demonstration against refugee immigration was happening in front of Trail City Hall, next door to the church.

Rev. Goodwin continued his discussion on “Discerning God’s Mission.”


In 1925, the National Church’s philosophy was to :Foster all Canadians in Christian values and embrace diverse values.

Today, we need to get out of the parochial colonialism of conversion.

The main reason of Presbytery is :

to connect with each other, support, inspire, celebrate, look to other churches for help and to help, connection needs solicitation and that we must foster all Canadian and Christian values and embrace diverse ideology.” He spoke about “holding one another to accountability, and look to other churches for help.” He repeated the need for connectivity and that connection needs solicitation.

The main reason of Presbytery, he said, was to connect, to support, to inspire each other and to celebrate.


Then discussion and voting on Remits 1, 3 and 4 began.


REMIT 1 : Three council model Presbytery voted “YES”  22 in favour 7 Opposed


REMIT 4: Funding a new model Presbytery voted “NO”   10 in favour 16 opposed


REMIT 3: Office of Vocation Presbytery voted “Yes”   All in favour


There was much discussion on Remit 4. The goal of the model would fund the administrative core. Questioning, a lot of it regarding funding up to General Council.



Eco Fund: to help Congregations with setting up the Carbon Tax of $75.00 for a Green Initiative. Congregations could apply.

Questions to ask Provincial candidates in the upcoming election.

We, the church , should hold a ”CANDIDATE FORUM.”



— April Gatherings

— May Gatherings

How can we kick-start Local Congregation?

How can we celebrate the “theory of change?” —-

  1. Video conference “EAST and WEST KOOTENAY or a meal together?
  2. What does it mean to be the church?
  3. Identify our theory of change
  4. Support the work that Congregations are doing.
  5. How do we do Justice?

Peace and Justice group already doing lots.




10 Presbyteries

200 congregations

Total membership 23  782



2 Conference Camps

….. Fircom

….. Pringle




ROCK LAKE CAMP………….Problem

Voted to look at the structure of Rock Lake in light of its internal problem.


Rev. Goodwin explained about  the financial workings of BC Conference.

Assets: $35.37 M

All Operating Budget: $ 4,248,900

Rev Paula and Rev David provided a vespers service with the crystal singing bowls and we left for our beds at 9pm



We gathered on Sunday April 2, 2017 for service and communion and the covenanting of Carolyn Rogers. We had lunch.

and received word from Rev. David Boyd that we were adjourned and allowed to return home.

Rev. Paula and I left for Creston meeting rain and snow in the Summit but got home safe and sound.

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