Lent daily mindfulness calendar

Lent is right around the corner, and there are two offerings to take advantage of this year.

One is the mindfulness calendar, a self directed daily calendar for each day during Lent, March 5th to April 14.  Click the link to download a copy >>>> mindfulness calendar lent.

mindfulness calendar lent

A daily devotional written by Fred Buechner is available at worship or the church office; a $5 donation is appreciated.

There will also be a weekly study, copies available at the church office, 115 10th Ave North, Creston

Stations of the Cross and Lectio Divina

Using devotions from

Julian of Norwich

Wednesday’s during Lent

March 8 – April 12

1:30 pm

Church office

and this is the Lectio Divina process:


 Moment One: (Lectio)  Read the Scripture

passage for the first time. Listen with the “ear of

your heart.” What phrase, sentence or even one

word stands out to you? Begin to repeat that

phrase, sentence or one word over and over,

allowing it to settle deeply in your heart. Simply

return to the repetition of the phrase, sentence or

one word, savoring it in your heart.


Moment Two: (Meditatio) Reflect, relish the

words. Let them resound in your heart. Let an

attitude of quiet receptiveness permeate the

prayer time. Be attentive to what speaks to your



Moment Three: (Oratio) Respond spontaneously

as you continue to listen to a phrase,

sentence or word. A prayer of praise,

thanksgiving or petition may arise. Offer that

prayer, and then return to repeating the word in

your heart.


Moment Four: (Contemplatio) Rest in God.

Simply “be with” God’s presence as you open

yourself to a deeper hearing of the Word of God.

If you feel drawn back to the scriptures, follow

the lead of the Spirit.

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