Thundercats Stuffed Toy Throw

On Tuesday, Nov 22nd, Ray Walker and Rev Paula met with Terina Sandre, and three Creston Thundercat players to pick up 250+ stuffed toys to toss on the ice an an upcoming home game.

The backstory:
Sue, our congregation’s administrative assistant recently moved to Australia for her husband’s work. This meant that their 12 year old daughter, Abby, had to say farewell to many prized possessions. Particularly difficult for her was letting go of her beloved stuffed toy collection.

This was made a bit easier for her when Rev Paula agreed to find homes for the stuffed toys.

When Rev Paula became aware of the annual Thundercat stuffed toy toss she reached out to Terina and together they arranged a day and time for the pickup.

These stuffed toys will be sold at an upcoming Thundercat game as well as being tossed on the ice. All the toys will be collected after the game and brought to the annual Ministerial Christmas hamper packing on Dec 12-13 to be distributed to children around the valley.

Abby …. your beloved collection will bring joy to many. Thank you.t-cats

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