Financial Update

To Trinity United Congregation and Friends

It is time to update you on the current financial and building status of our congregation, Trinity United Church.

As of October 17th we have received our final business interruption payment from the insurance adjustor. From this point forward we are self supporting. It will be important to not only increase our income, but also to reduce expenses. In the past we were able to generate income through the use of our facility, primarily the Thrift Shop and the UCW revenue. Those options are not currently available to us, and it is reasonable to assume that we will not be able to access those revenue streams for at least 18 months.

This is how we propose to reduce our expenses.
1. Office expenses are currently $1,100 per month. The lease expired at the end of September, 2016. As we are now renting on a month by month basis, we are now free to seek more affordable accommodation for our office operations. We have been assured that when the next one bedroom suite becomes available at Catalpa we will be able to move our office there. This would result in a cost saving of $600 per month.
2. Presently we are paying $60 per week at Rotacrest for our worship space, and it is unlikely that we could reduce that expense, though suggestions are most welcome.
3. Currently some thrift store stock as well as items cleaned and recovered from the fire are stored in the mobile trailer. The trailer initially cost $3,700 and provides us with free storage, as when no longer needed the trailer can be sold for the amount we paid for it.

This is how we propose to increase our revenue:
1. Our regular offerings are down by over 10%. It would be helpful if as many people as possible could sign up for PAR (pre authorized remittance) and/or increase tithing amounts.
2. Special fund raising projects are needed, and we invite you to share with us creative ideas and suggestions to fund our ongoing operating expenses.
3. Ron Klusmeier has blessed us with 1,000 copies of his beautiful Christmas Eve CD for us to sell as an operating fund raiser. The Refugee Committee has agreed to sell these CD’s and CD’s will also be available at the church office for congregants to sell. We expect to raise up to $10,000 from the sale of the CD’s.
4. Council has approved a plan to auction or sell the contents of the Thrift Store and continue to explore ways of opening the Thrift Store on reduced hours.

Building update:
1. We expect to have final concept drawings from the architect, Christine Ross, within three weeks.
2. The new building and the A frame will all be on the same level, which means no ramps or lifts will be needed.
3. We still need variance approval from the Town of Creston.
4. When the drawing is complete it will be presented to the congregation for approval.
5. We expect to start construction in March, 2017.

We offer our thanks and blessings for your continued support, and ask for your prayers as we continue to be a church without walls together.

Trinity United Church Council​

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