A Vine Runs Through It

  • by Edna Jeffery in 2006, and resubmitted for our Fire Anniversary service Sept 18, 2016 as being equally pertinent today, as it was ten years ago. 

I covine-copynsider it a privilege to be a part of this church.  It has become like an extended family to me, and as a family we go through some trying times.  Finances are usually at the top of the list, but sickness, personality conflicts, deaths, arguments etc follow closely.  These are all things that test our faith and we hopefully learn from them.

We have lots of fun as well and good hearty laughs together.  Births, marriages, potlucks, community outreach, Christmas, Easter, working together in the kitchen and the many groups we have, singing and praising our God.  The United Church is known as a tolerant church and seems to be in the forefront whenever changes need to be made.  We sometimes get into big trouble for our policies, but in the long run others follow suit.

Before writing this poem I knew that we had a spirit running through our church which we all seem to feel.  I couldn’t begin to say “this is why” or “that’s the reason”, I just think it is the sum of all the parts coming together and doing what we all do when needed.  Let us pray it stays with us and we never stop feeling it’s presence.  Now, with apologies to all the real poets and teachers here is “A Vine Runs Through It”

There’s a vine that winds throughout our church

And it’s been there from the start.

It has a spirit wrapped around it

Made of love from deep within the heart.

We don’t know how it started,

We can only make a guess.

It’s what holds this church together

Something we all possess.

It must have started long ago

A little church of white and brown in a little valley town.

One hundred years of growing in Christ

Has made the church our own.

A symbol of this spirit vine

Stands just outside our door.

A tree that’s almost 100 years

Raising its arms to the ones who have gone before.

Do you remember when you were a child

And went to church with your family?

With your hands in your lap and your eyes to the front

You sat there quietly.

Sunday school was full of kids

And you had to behave there too.

We had to memorize bible verses

And still remember quite a few.

We had lots of fun there as well

Sleigh rides, picnics, youth groups and more

We grew in the Christian tradition

With the knowledge of Jesus at our core.

Our church has changed since way back then

That’s what the people would say

But the spirit vine still winds its way

Throughout our church today.

The ones who came before us

Are with us in Spirit here

They are smiling down and saying

“well done! You’ve reached 100! Let’s give a cheer!”

Now carry on as you have done

We think you’ve found the way.

The vine that’s wrapped in Spirit

Is in our church to stay.

We all won’t see the next 100

But let’s be proud of what we leave.

We’ll work together as we have always done

And pass on the blessings we’ve received.

So live it up and enjoy yourself

One hundred years is a very long time

Kick up your heel and clap your hands

And continue to embrace the Spirit Vine.




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